Self Study (v2)

SelfStudy360: The GPS for Learning

Help your members stay current with a rapidly evolving body of knowledge to excel at what they do. SelfStudy360 uses the power of AI to put each of them on their best personal path to mastering mission-critical information.

Learning is personal. SelfStudy360 continually assesses each user’s unique knowledge and competency to deliver the research and educational content they can’t afford to miss.

Put AI to work keeping members engaged and up-to-date.

Deliver personalized content that keeps them coming back, no tagging required.

Let AI match your course content to members’ needs and interests.

Identify gaps and speed mastery and retention of new knowledge.

Use AI to auto-generate learning activities to improve proficiency.

Create self-test questions from any piece of content in a few clicks.

Apply AI assessment for your own badging and certification.

Offer powerful training programs that educate and validate.

Similar to GPS navigation, SelfStudy360 continually assesses each user’s unique interests and knowledge to take them on a personalized path through your content portfolio, and deliver the research and educational content they need to know now.

Machine Learning

Their personalized feed dynamically adjusts based on each interaction, delivering the right content at the right time to help guarantee ongoing professional excellence. And that means ongoing engagement with your organization.

Platform Features

  • Maintain control of your content and your data
  • Stand-alone platform or bolt-on to your current system
  • Works with all your providers: CMS, content storage, creation, current LMS, CRM
  • Handles all content types: text, video, audio
  • Works on all devices, from mobile to desktop
  • Saves and syncs users’ place from device to device
  • E-commerce module available
  • Compatible with SCORM and xAPI
  • Secure and private