The Precision Learning Software Platform

Personalized content. Exceptional knowledge transfer.

Utilizing advanced AI to deliver hyper-personalized content to professionals and students learning online.

Deliver unique learning experiences to each individual user

SelfStudy’s AI delivers hyper-personalized content to a specific learner at exactly the right time

Re-imagine all the professional online learning activities you provide

Everything from short quizzes to full courses are supported on our platform. They can be built manually or created automatically using content sourced directly from your existing LMS, CMS or CDN


“We use the SelfStudy360 platform for our CPCA Practice product to provide a convenient, interactive, online practice exam experience for our CRNAs, allowing them to become familiar with the types of questions that may appear on future assessments, while increasing study efficiency by identifying points of knowledge that may require additional review.”

— Karen Plaus, PhD & CEO of NBCRNA


“We bought SelfStudy to solve a specific problem and love SelfStudy because as our use cases expand, the technology platform supports our future vision.”

— Jason Pointe, Chief Education Officer
International Anesthesia Research Society


“Traditionally, learning modules in instructional materials are manually assembled to ensure proper sequencing and learner support. With the SelfStudy platform, this aspect is less time-consuming and involves a lot less guesswork. Their platform’s continuous assessment of each learner’s interactions with instructional material ensures that the appropriate information and activities are presented to learners based on their unique learning needs. Designing and delivering the personalized learning experience that digital learners demand is so much easier with this platform!”

— TJ Evans, Instructional Designer & Developer


The content your users need most finds them.

The SelfStudy SaaS platform gives you the ability to offer your users the type of personalization they experience in their social and professional media feeds on a daily basis. It aggregates content from all formats (text, print, video, podcasts, infographics) and presents the most relevant pieces to each user in their own personalized feed, based on their individual interactions with the system over time. Built with a mobile-first design, SelfStudy is accessible anytime, anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

SelfStudy’s AI Delivers True Precision

When it comes to learning and education, one size does not fit all.

The best learning outcomes derive from highly personalized experiences tailored precisely to an individual’s learning style, current level of familiarity with the material, and unique cognitive reinforcement & remediation needs at any given moment in time.

Renew Interest & Loyalty

Capture their attention with personalized delivery of content and services relevant to their interests.

Monetize Specialized Content

Move your users through your portfolio, offering the content they want, when they want it. Automatically present personalized learning activities from your existing content in minutes.

Generate New Revenue

Easily and economically add learning activities, courses, continuing education, study tools and badging and certification programs to your product and service offerings.

SelfStudy’s AI Does The Heavy Lifting

Similar in nature to an adaptive GPS or personalized news reader AI, SelfStudy continually assesses each user’s interests and knowledge to take them on a personalized journey through your content portfolio. We deliver the research and educational content they need to support ongoing professional excellence. Their personalized feed dynamically adjusts based on each and every interaction, delivering the right content at the right time.


Personalize Delivery

Engage users with personalized selections from your portfolio

Include resources in all media

No manual tagging required

Personalize Learning

Offer personalized paths to proficiency

Validate learning on every interaction with continuous assessment

Assess learners’ progress and engagement

Auto-Generate Content

Auto-generate questions and courses from existing content

Deploy new learning activities in minutes

Automate credit tracking and reporting

Assess materials’ effectiveness


Personalized learning improves both motivation & comprehension

While the research is still preliminary, two initial studies coming out of Japan suggest that a precision learning approach not only enhances student motivation and increases study time between formal class sessions, it also increases overall comprehension and retention.

Engagement & Motivation

Several studies conducted by Dr. Makkiko Nakamuro, an expert on Educational Psychology and Human Motivation at Keio University in Japan showed that the availability of personalized learning systems with AI support improved both the motivation and engagement of students in between formal class sessions. It also had a positive outcome on academic performance.

Dr. Makkiko Nakamuro, Keio University, Japan

Effective Remediation

This study conducted at Shohoku College in Atsugi, Japan assessed nonverbal knowledge acquisition by comparing student success with personalized learning software versus standard textbook materials and linear lecture presentations. Consistent access to adaptive learning software was shown to improve comprehension, especially when applied to academic remediation scenarios.

Professor of Information Technology, Dr. Utsumi Taisuke

Control Your IP

Cloud-based white label solution carries your brand and keeps your content on your site

Update and publish new material with the click of a button

Maintain complete control of your content and data

Both content and user data resides in your accounts, available to you 24/7

Compatible with Your Current Systems

Fully integrates with your existing LMS/CMS/CDN

Compatible with SCORM/xAPI/LTI

Secure and private

Utilizing advanced AI to deliver hyper-personalized content to professionals and students learning online.