GPS for Learning™

Just like a GPS system that takes a traveler to their destination, while adjusting throughout their journey, SelfStudy360 takes a learner to their knowledge destination, adjusting throughout their learning journey

SelfStudy360 gives each student their best path to mastery for a given content and a set of goals.

About SelfStudy Inc
About SelfStudy Inc

If the content or goal changes the path dynamically changes.

If the learner diverges from the path, SelfStudy360 creates a new path to account for the learner.

About SelfStudy Inc

SelfStudy360 changes the learner’s path if many similar learners have success using a different path.

SelfStudy Inc

SelfStudy Inc. is a learning optimization technology company offering professional societies and publishers the first AI-powered cloud platform for delivering personalized content discovery and adaptive learning programs.

Blending machine learning and dynamic item response theory algorithms developed at MIT, the SelfStudy platform assesses each user and their community, and in real-time selects the most relevant multimedia content to enable rapid mastery and retention of new knowledge. SelfStudy's platform comes with simple back-end tools that automate content creation, migration, and management; generate user analytics; handle credit administration and reporting, and facilitate badging and certification.

Founded in 2017, SelfStudy is based in San Francisco, California.


Accelerate discovery and mastery of new knowledge through personalized learning.


People always have the knowledge they need to be the best at what they do.