Create Your Own Badging and Certification Programs

Save money on program management and help guarantee better results for members. With SelfStudy360, you can offer custom courses that educate then validate learning -- a critical combination for successful training.

● Complete
● Convenient
● Customizable

Better Results Through Badging

Badge-earning activities keep users engaged and invested in their education. The badges are proof to themselves and others of their proficiency in specific areas of their profession. Plus, studies show badging programs increase pass rates on certifying exams. cites a study by IBM that showed when users completed badge activities to prep for an exam, their pass rates increased 58%.

Easy-to-Use Tool and Templates

SelfStudy360’s Course Builder tool and templates work with all of your content including articles, ebooks, and videos, as well as any outside content you want to include. You can set goals, select content for learning activities, curate auto-generated activities, test users, and review feedback. SelfStudy360 can even generate a course site with user sign-in (including an optional sync with your organization’s database) and teacher sign-in for creating lessons and tests and assessing performance.

Ensure Competency Every Step of the Way

With SelfStudy360’s accurate, AI-powered continuous assessment, users and their teachers know exactly where they stand against a goal at all times. And knowing their numbers leads to better outcomes, because then they know immediately where the knowledge gaps are. It’s accurate enough to use for your online longitudinal assessment or test prep for high-stakes OLA.

Training for People Who Don’t Have Time

Everything is delivered directly to learners’ preferred devices so they can fit training into small breaks during their workday without taking time off to attend a remote session, plus they can immediately apply what they learn on the job. And because users can take exams on their time wherever they have an internet connection, you save money on third-party services including proctors, facilities, and food.