Increase Comprehension with Content Quizzes

Reading articles and watching videos are essential learning activities for self-education, and with SelfStudy360 you can make your content even more valuable with instant interactivity. Test questions auto-generated from your content accurately assess and help ensure member proficiency.

● Choose from multiple formats
● Help guarantee member confidence and success
● Maintain direct control over your content and data

Create Quizzes for Popular Content

SelfStudy360 shows you which content users view most with 24/7 real-time data. And whether it’s an article, video, or podcast, you can easily create a complementary learning activity by clicking Generate Questions on the curator page for that piece of content.

Decide Question Type and More

Learning activity questions can be true/false, single answer, multiple choice, multiple match, or a combination of each. It’s up to you. You can also add illustrations, video, or audio, and SelfStudy360 will even generate distractors for you to choose from.

Control All Content and Data from your Github Account

There is no middleman between you and your content. You retain full control at all times, so you can add, delete, or revise content and learning activities on your own, whenever you like.