Personalized Content Feeds, Powered by AI

Your members expect targeted, responsive content when searching and learning online. Create value for them by delivering the personalized, up-to-date experience they’re accustomed to - no tagging required.

● Anytime
● Anywhere
● On any device

Professionals no longer have to find the knowledge they need. Now, the knowledge finds them.

SelfStudy360’s AI-powered engine aggregates and delivers content to users from all sources and in all formats (print, video, podcasts, etc.) based on their interests. Your branded learning platform works just like Amazon and Facebook, showing the most relevant selections on phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

One convenient learning resource delivers all your content in personalized feeds for users, no tagging or other file management required by you.

● Increase engagement and loyalty
● Create new monetization opportunities
● Offer the personalization people expect online

From Interest to Engagement

SelfStudy360 gives users a shortcut to the content they want that keeps them wanting more. Machine learning matches the most relevant expert and peer-reviewed pieces to each user based on their recent activity, including what they view and for how long, as well as the activity of similar users and the broader community.

Search and We Shall Find

Users just click the familiar magnifying glass icon to search a topic they’re interested in. SelfStudy360 instantly searches every word of content in your database including journal articles, auto-transcribed transcripts of podcasts and lecture videos, and any third-party content you’ve added. Users get better results, and you don’t have to predict how people will search for your content or manually add keyword tags.

One Feed for Everything

Users no longer have to scour multiple sources for the information they want or pay multiple fees to access it. The content they want appears in a convenient feed on their personal devices, keeping them informed and engaged.

Always Learning

Your cloud-based database updates based on each user’s changing interests and behavior, and surfaces new content that closely matches their latest interests as soon as it becomes available. Users get the exact knowledge they need to stay at the top of the field, without having to work for it.

Accessible Anywhere

All content is responsive and ready for all screens from phone to desktop, so users can learn whenever and wherever they want. Our standard interface offers users four options:

For You: Personalized content based on what a user, like users, and the community have viewed, favorited, ranked, sent to a friend, or saved for later. The learning optimization engine analyzes the content as well as all references to deliver highly relevant recommendations.

Editor’s Choice: Expert selections from across your portfolio of content, including video of meeting presentations and relevant articles from affiliated organizations, delivered based on what users are exploring on their own.

Trending: Users browse what others with similar profiles and interests are searching for to see valuable information they may have missed, and make unexpected connections to related content to expand their knowledge.

Questions: Add questions from your learning activities to engage users and lead them to content they may have missed, or create learning activities for credit that are accessible from your home page.

Advanced Search lets users narrow their results further by categories, including specific authors or resources, that you determine beforehand.

SelfStudy360’s on-demand source of relevant content opens monetization opportunities for you by creating a personal connection with users that keeps them interested, engaged, and continually improving at what they do.

Zero Tagging Thanks to Machine Learning and Auto-Transcribing

All you have to do is provide the content. That’s it. No need to predict how your users will search for your content or create keyword tags for every asset. SelfStudy360’s AI captures every word of print files and auto-transcribes every word of audio and video, so all your content is 100% fully searchable.