Personalized Learning Courses, Powered by AI

Courses and continuing education can keep your members sharp, but one-size-fits-all courses cost time and money and can’t guarantee comprehension. Engage members with a personalized learning process that puts them on their most efficient and effective path to success.

● Harness the power of adaptive learning
● Bridge individual knowledge gaps
● Increase comprehension and retention

Transform the Educational Experience

Massive Open Online Courses and peer-to-peer sharing have moved education beyond the classroom and changed the role of educators. What’s missing is dynamic instruction tailored to individual learners’ needs.

Until now.

SelfStudy360’s AI technology auto-generates questions from your content to create learning activities complete with audio and visuals, distractors, and links to references to learn more. SelfStudy360’s proprietary algorithms continuously assess and adapt to an individual’s current knowledge as they interact with your content in order to fill gaps and accelerate mastery and retention of mission-critical information.

● Matches learning activities to individual interests and goals
● Continuously tracks engagement to ensure ongoing progress
● Reveals trends in community interest to create new learning activities

Continuous Assessment Keeps Users on Track

SelfStudy360 combines brain science and cognitive psychology with AI to measure knowledge with regular interactions against any professional or independent standard to deliver the precise content users need next. It’s the same kind of one-on-one attention they’d get from a tutor. They don’t waste time reviewing what they already know, or move ahead before they’re ready.

Mind the Gaps for True Mastery

Regular assessment activities like reviews, quizzes (question-first, vignette, simulation), and practice tests ensure users fill their knowledge gaps and master new knowledge before moving on, versus cramming at the end just to pass an exam. Users can review explanations of the correct answers and link to additional content to delve deeper into topics.

Effective Education On Demand

Most professionals are on their own when it comes to managing their ongoing education, struggling to juggle study time with demanding jobs. SelfStudy360 delivers training directly to users’ preferred devices so they can fit it into their day without taking time off to attend a remote session, plus they can immediately apply what they learn on the job.

Tools for Instructors

The SelfStudy360 dashboard has a full suite of useful tools for teachers, trainers, and program directors that make important tasks easier.

Assignments: Assign an individual or group more work in a specific area, select activites and difficulty levels, and assign due dates.

Group Messaging: Email learners inside or outside SelfStudy360 with assignments or additional relevant content.

Reporting: Review scores, trends, and confidence ratings, and see whether learners are finding your content too easy or difficult.

Credit Tracking:Report credits learners earn to relevant institutions.