SelfStudy Chosen as Longitudinal Assessment Platform for American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery

AI-powered learning platform designed for the healthcare community delivers innovative continuous assessment solution for medical boards

SAN FRANCISCO – June 1, 2020 – SelfStudy Inc., the leading precision learning software company, today announced its selection as the longitudinal assessment platform for the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS). A pioneer in continuous assessment and precision learning since 2015, SelfStudy will deliver ABFAS diplomates a user experience distinguished by ease of use, elegance, and extensive tools for enhanced tem review, while providing ABFAS administrators powerful real-time assessment analytics and statistics to support ongoing pram development. These are among the features that lead ABAFS to select SelfStudy’s platform to replace the current once-every-ten year maintenance of certification exams, and self assessments required of those certified in foot surgery and ankle surgery to remain certified.

“We first deployed SelfStudy for longitudinal assessment in anesthesiology resident programs leading to certification” said SelfStudy CEO Brenda McLaughlin. “It worked so well, it is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for boards moving to longitudinal assessment for recertification. We are proud to be working with the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, and look forward to meeting their rigorous assessment needs, applying the power of our AI platform to their unique body of knowledge to deliver a convenient, effective assessment solution to their diplomates.”

“We’re excited to engage with SelfStudy to launch our longitudinal assessment program,” commented ABFAS Executive Director Katherine Kreiter. “ After a thorough review of longitudinal assessment platforms, we are confident we’ve made the best choice. The movement in medical specialties from periodic summative examination to longitudinal assessment has been growing for several years. Having determined that the time had come for us to adopt longitudinal assessment, we knew we needed a solution that would provide the best available experience for our diplomates, and the best backend analytic capabilities for us. And we found it in SelfStudy.”

SelfStudy delivers a state-of-the-art longitudinal assessment solution, using responsive design for accessibility on any connected device:

Proven experience – Launched in 2015, SelfStudy has been supporting longitudinal assessment longer than other platforms subsequently launched by medical boards or third party providers.
Fully featured – Organizations can choose timed or untimed questions, standard or personalized, with confidence and relevance factors, explanations and references, AI-driven spaced repetition, cloned questions to validate learning, and more.
Algorithm independent – Platform can accommodate any preferred measurement, alone or in combination, including Measurement Decision Theory and proprietary algorithms developed at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research.
Powerful analytics – See at a glance how diplomates are performing, and how well items are performing, allowing adjustments to be made at any time.

The SelfStudy platform has been successfully implemented in medical education and assessment programs by top hospitals, and associations, as well as by boards. SelfStudy’s ability to personalize delivery of content and generate learning activities from existing content assets makes a unique solution for bridging education and assessment. For more information contact [email protected]


The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) strives to protect and improve the health and welfare of the public by advancing the art and science of foot and ankle surgery. To accomplish this goal, ABFAS grants certification status to candidates who successfully meet the guidelines for demonstrating competency and proficiency in the art and science of foot and ankle surgery. Founded in 1975, ABFAS is based in San Francisco.

About SelfStudy Inc.

SelfStudy Inc. is a learning optimization technology company offering professional societies and their publishers the first AI-powered cloud platform for delivering personalized content discovery and adaptive learning programs. Blending machine learning and dynamic item response theory algorithms developed at MIT, the SelfStudy360 platform assesses each user and their community, and in real-time selects the most relevant multimedia content to enable rapid mastery and retention of new knowledge. SelfStudy’s platform comes with simple back-end tools that automate content creation, migration, and management; generate user analytics; handle credit administration and reporting; and facilitate badging and certification. Founded in 2017, SelfStudy is based in San Francisco.